This problem is quite extensive and I *love* to elaborate on it as much as possible to receive the best help I can. It gets real old posting the same problem on different boards with no luck with the tips provided.

Here's the problem:

Since it was manufactured, I had owned a Dell 1800FP that we used with a Gateway, Dell and HP machine. It worked great for a long time but I finally decided it was time for an upgrade.

I purchased a Viewsonic VP201b, by all means a great monitor but I noticed a flaw. The screen was overrun by horizontal lines, a pixel in width but stacked perfectly on top of one another from top to bottom. It really washed out the picture and was extremely noticeable in games. The monitor was returned and we purchased a Viewsonic VX924. Hooked her up and the problem was there.. yet again. Next up we plugged in a Samsung 940B, lines were still there. Amidst all the chaos we had purchased a new gaming rig from ABS Computers. With her we bought a VX922 Gaming LCD. Everything arrived and we plugged everything up, I booted on the system and guess what I saw? The horizontal lines....

Now @ this point I'm EXTREMELY frustrated. First thing I do is run extensive tests on the video cards, drivers, and memory. No problems were found, I run multiple benchmarks and the system continues to run like a champ yet the display looks terrible. Playing games is a nightmare as the lines are so much more visible on the game textures than just web browsing.

Goto the local best buy and we snag an LG L1932TQ, alas the lines are still there only this time farther apart and thicker. I'm completely clueless, the Dell1800FP ran beautifully for the longest time but started to get a bit dated and apparently upgrading to new LCD's has brought me nothing but agony.

Is our power insufficient? I have an Online UPS system in the mail that I'm going to use for all of this and if that doesn't fix it then I'm completely lost. Two different computers, both using eVGA Nvidia graphics cards and AMD 64 processors experiencing the same problem with LCD's. Horizontal line madness!

Can anybody help? :/

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Can you take these LCD panels and try them at a different location? That would ensure that you don't have a power issue.

I think I have a similar problem, look at "T22" post this date. I posted a picture of the screen.


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