Trying...this is really true...trying to assist a family member mirror images to 2 drives. From what I have read a RAID level 1 is the thing I am looking for. I have a couple of questions:

1. The drives must be identical. for example both must be 250GB.
A. Can one drive be PATA(external) and one SATA(internal)
B. Can one drive be 16MB buffer cache ans the other 8MB Buffer cache
C. Must they be from the same manufacturer.

2. Once #1 it read and semi understood by myself;) Will windows XP set this automatically or will I need to do something with the BIOS or whatever else I really do not understand.

3. Instead of RAID Level 1 is there any software that will just do this automatically.

Thansk for any assistance. it is very much appreciated...::

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From all that I have read after posting this is using a PATA and SATA comb external and internal is not possible using a RAID hardware array. So I guess I need to return the PATA external for a SATA external and my probles are solved for compatability. Still need guideance on setup...Thanks

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