:) We have a Toshiba laptop it was working just great then when we turned it on a message comes up " PXE-E61: Media test failure, Check cable"

I have gone into the setup and in the main menu it says Hardrive: None

When I try to select the harddrive it jumps onto the next choice I can't select Hard drive to check the auto detect function is there any special steps I may not be doing properly to get it to auto detect the harddrive any advise would be greatly appreciated we have a daughter trying to do her uni studies



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Hi brettaus, welcome to DaniWeb :)

Just FYI: The PXE-E61 error message is coming from the "network boot" feature of the computer. The fact that the machine is even trying to attempt a network boot means that it has failed to boot via all other normal methods (from a hard drive, CD-ROM, floppy, etc.).

* Did the hard drive exhibit any abnormal behaviour prior to the problem occuring?
* If you insert the Windows installation CD (assuming that the computer came with one), can you boot from that?


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