I have an old Maxtor hard drive that when I plug it in, makes 2 short beeping noises, and doesn't get recognized by my computer(Used an IDE to USB converter that I know works). I don't have any files or anything else I need on it, but I was just wondering if it might be easily fixable.
Hard Drive: http://www.hdsentinel.com/storageinfo_details.php?lang=en&model=MAXTOR%205T040H4
Sound: http://clyp.it/isgdrxyy

Wow- that's a very old drive!

If the sound is really coming from the drive itself rather than from the computer's built-in speaker, my guess it that the sound is caused by the drive's head armature mechanism (or possibly the drive's spindle motor) trying to engage but failing to do so. If either is true, that would indicate a pretty fatal electro-mechanical failure of the drive.

Can you connect the drive to the computer diectly? That is- does your computer have an available IDE/PATA port on the motherboard that you can use, to eliminate any possiblity that the external IDE-to-USB convertor is interfering in any way?
(I know you said that you're sure that your IDE/USB converter works, but external drive enclosures/connectors can often get in the way when trying to revive a "dead" drive.)