Hi, I have
M3N78-VM ASUS mother board
2.7 GHZ AM2 socket
500 GB HDD (samsung)

When my HDD died,I bought new 1TB HDD seagate(baracuda),when i installed my windows 8.1 and installing some stuffs,my windows begun freezing,it takes some minuetes to open windows explorer...sometimes it takes time to boot in windows,..I don't know what causes this freezing,I also went to the store to replace the HDD but after they replace a new one the symptoms still persists,it keeps freezing....,Is this mother board issues?,I also tried to test my Ram using memtest and it passess to 9 without errors...

Thank you in avdvance.

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Just out of curiosity, Is task manager showing much activity when you login to windows? Have a look under the Performance Tab.

Do you have the same issues in safe mode?

Did you install all your system drivers?

Actually my hard drive space is still big,...and also i have fresh or clean installation of my O.S

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