Hi, I need your help in making a USB bootable which is compable to Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Thanks

What do you want the USB to boot into?

I want to boot to Windows 8.1 installer.

I've used this. It works very well, but it is a little complicated.

The advantage is that after it's set up, you can just copy/pase ISO's onto the USB and it will just work.

  1. Open My Computer and navigate to the c:\PEBuilder\SRSP1 folder and verify the two files are there.

    1. Next, you need to create a compressed version of Windows XP using PE Builder. Make sure you Windows XP Professional CD is in your computer's CD drive, then launch the PE Builder program. In the Source field, type in the drive letter assigned to your CD Drive (you can check in My Computer if you are not sure) (e.g. "d:"). In the Output field, type BartPE. Make sure the None option is selected in the Media output section. Then click the Build button.

Bart PE

A progress report shows the progress of the bootable image build. When the build process is complete, click the Close button.

  1. Now, you can create the bootable USB flash drive. Open a command prompt again and type cd c:\PEBuilder to change to the PEBuilder folder. Make sure your USB drive is plugged in to your computer and type pe2usb -f e: (change "e:" to the drive letter assigned to your USB flash drive, if necessary) to create the bootable drive. When prompted to begin the process type YES. When the process is complete, press any key to exit the program.

Your USB flash drive is now set up to be a bootable USB drive for Windows XP using the Bart PE interface.

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