My Acer Aspire One mini laptop gives me a black screen after powering on. Power light on, battery light on, NO hard drive light on and never shows anything but black. I have tried a lot of the strategies I've read here (remove battery, replace, unplug, etc., pressing various function buttons, holding power button down), still nothing. This happened once about 2 weeks ago and then it came back on after being off for a couple hours but that has not worked this time.
I do not know how to take out/replace ram (is that for Random Access Memory? I can't find anything on it that I could unplug), and I am too afraid to remove the hard drive but will do it if necessary.
Any advice???


Have you tried connecting your laptop to a monitor to see if it is the laptop display?

i have same model aspire4739z i think u should catch the root of this prob. if external monitor also behave like that then open ur laptop and first of all clean ur ram slot and also clean ram ..if not works then change ur ram and test ....i think it will working. after this process

Hi there. have a good look to see if the back light of the monitor isnt going out. I have worked on a few models that have had the back light issue. After turning the unit on it displays for a short period then blanks out but if you look closely you can see the screen is working just without the backlighting.