I recently installed a GeForce FX 5200 AGP graphics card into my friends computer, and everything went as usual until he tried to play a game.

The games seem to load up fine, but once in the game, everything flickers a dark red, in a strobe light kind of pattern.

Ive tried updating the drivers, reverting to older drivers. Ive reinstalled Windows, ive even tried installing Windows XP, but its the same problem no matter what.

The only possible thing that I could think of would be the AGP 1.0/2.0 issue, but Tech Support assured me that the card was backwards compatible.

Any insight into this issue would be appreciated.

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I would try it in another machine to actually verify that the card itself is ok first, then go from there with possible issues with your setup, like a PSU that is marginal on the +12V, or AGP/GART (chipset motherboard drivers not just the nVIDA AGP drivers) are properly loaded. Then find out the actual brand/specifications on the mainboard you are trying to use with the older AGP spec/motherboard chipse (EG SIS/nVIDA/ULI/Intel etc..) and dig up any potential issues. It could be that motherboard chipset drivers simply need to be updated.

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