hi,i am having an some sort of weired problem with my computer.when it goes to the sleep mode and when i try to wake it from the sleep mode instead of booting, it truns on for the second then truns off and truns on again after pressing the power button , but it truns off again and then truns on again after a second and it just keeps on going unless i cut the power from the supply.and here is the weird part after turning on the power from the supply it boots normally and gives the sleep mode code on the debug led even after turning it off unproperly.i have intel core i3 3210 processor ,gigabyte z77xud5hmb,4gb corsair vengence,1tb segate hd and evga 550ti sc.i have also reinstalled the window and updated the bios but the problem still exists.

Hi , you might be holding down the power button to long , so your system wakes up then goes back to sleep , as default power button when in Windows is " sleep"
You can test by entering power options> change what the power buttons do, and change " when i press the power button... " (in Windows) from Sleep to " do nothing"
Should thereafter just wake up from sleep . If so reconfigure back to default and press and release power button more quickly in future