Sory if this thread already exists...I couldn't find it in a search. Has anyone had experience using high capacity M-disks? Are they as great as advertised, and what make of blue ray burner would you recommend for the high capacity disks?


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type m-disk review into a browser and see what happens ...
i got 'About 37,000,000 results (0.31 seconds)' ....

Glen...I was referring to a Daniweb search. You're right...there is a ton of info on Google but I was looking specifically to experience from daniweb users.


I love this quote from the M-DISC web site: "This new standard of storage engraves your information into a patented rock-like layer that has been proven to last 1,000 years"... Well, since electronic computers have only been around for a number of decades, this seems a bit of a boast, accelerated aging tests notwithstanding. If you need high-capacity write-once backup media, it may be OK, although I refuse to purchase ANY blu-ray device as it puts $$ in the pockets of Sony who I am boycotting due to their egregious CD root-kit fiasco of a few years ago which they have NEVER apologized for, nor recompensed the people whose systems they corrupted.

FWIW, 25GB is NOTHING these days. I have SD cards that have several times that storage space, and they will probably last 1000 years as well in a protected environment, if you don't re-write them much. AND they are cheaper!

Rubberman....interesting view on Sony!

About SD cards. From what I have read about them, the flash memory that goes into them is not as good as SDD memory and does not last long. But as per your comment, it might last if only written to a couple of times. Interesting thought. Do you have any references supporting this?


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