Hey guys first post here, just gonna let you know I'm not a tech genius so bare with me. So about 2 weeks ago as I was playing CSGO, my computer power went out and I went to try and boot it and it didn't work so I assumed it was dead. So a week later I went into the computer and unplugged the wires tried to clean the dust maybe that was the issue, so I plugged it back in and it booted up. But it wasnt working the way I wanted it to. It spun the HDD so I knew that was recieving power and the case fans and the cpu fan turned on. BUT I wasnt recieving power to my USB ports, ethernet port (wasn't showing the light indicating it was on), and I wasn't getting display on my monitors. So I assumed it was a PSU problem so what I did was got a new PSU but that didn't help so I bought a new motherboard and I installed both of them and the same problem continues. So at the moment the CD drive, ports, and display dont recieve power. I really dont think my RAM or GFX caused this. Solutions? :/

When you lose power on a PC while running, it is likely that the power surge/failure caused a catastrophic failure of the system and/or other hard drives.

What do you suggest?

Im guessing the mobo is dead it's very likely that the other parts have taken a direct blow as well.

To amke sure your pc isn't isn't dead have you taken the parts out and put it back in?

like i said in the op i replaced the mobo and the psu and same issue

Are there any beep codes? Since you've replaced parts it may or may not be the same issue, but rather giving similar symptoms. Double check that you properly connected the wires from the case to the mb--check the diagram in the mb documentation. Ensure the processor is properly seated. Ensure the memory is properly seated. Ensure no usb devices are connected and try booting. If not successful, Unhook all unnecessary devices. Only mb, memory, and monitor connected. No keyboard, mouse, cd/dvd drive, hard drive, etc.

no beeps or singal lights. I have removed unnecessary devices but still no solution.

Did you remove the Hard Drive and tested to see if it boots up sometimes the dvd drive cord will be sticking out a bit. I even tried unplugging the mobo and reattaching everything including the fans i even tried changing ram slots see if this helps maybe try and unhook and reattach the Graphics Card

I have tried everything. Unplugging HDD, CPU, GFX, DVD Drive, Ram. The mobo and PSU are new so those shouldn't be the problem.. :/

This article may be of use:
No post, no beeps, no video

What is the brand/model of your mb? Does your case have a speaker?
Do you have all of the power connections hooked up (including the 4-pin connector)?

ASrock is the new mobo, yes it has a speaker and i have hooked everything properly

So if it is booting bit nothing happens So if it is booting your PC and nothing happens on a screen but seems mobo and psu are working it - I thing you faced problem with graphic card was burned. If it's not , then it could be issued, better to get an advice from your computer engineer. Few years ago I had a same thing but at that time my USB slots were shorted out

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