So here is what happened... One day I was using the laptop for animating and such, I felt tired so I went to the bed.. When I had to go to the toilet I came back to use the laptop 15 or so minutes later BOOM it shut off. I got so scared and I immediately booted it back up not only 5 mins later the laptop shuts down. I tried doing an electrical discharge thinking it might be something with the battery ( it doesn't hold charge)

I need help urgent as I have a list full of customers to attend to
.specs and details will be defined if. Needed

I do not want to open the laptop on. Fear of making it worse

Look at your power profile. It is likely that the system is set to turn off or hibernate if the lid is closed, or there is no input, for some period of time. These parameters can be adjusted, so when you are plugged into wall power it won't shut off, sleep, or hibernate.

Its OK it turns out the fan wasn't able to work cause there was dust in it.. I used a blow dryer and fixed it instantly. Thanks for helping though