Hey, Hello to every one.
Motheboard:    INTEL DH67CL, 
Processor:     Intel 2600K Sandy Bridge
RAM:           (4Gx4) 16GB
HDD:           1TB WD
PSU:           Cooler Master GX750 (750Watt) Brand New
Sound Card:    Creative Audigy Value 7.1
Casing:        Cooler Master Elite 430 Black
Guys i have the computer system with the above components, all in new condition and 8 months used. My System randomly shutts off (not properly shuttdown) and automatically restarts after 3 to 4 seconds. i have changed my MB and PSU but problem exists. Besides this sometimes i have to push power button in multipl times to start my pc. plz help i am gone to crazzy with this bcz i have purchased again new MB and PSU as well. plz reply  me as soon as possible.

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This problem can be due to a defective RAM module.
Please try booting a different RAM module, or try alternately removing each of your RAM modules and operating.
Since you have replaced the MB and tried, it should most probably be a RAM issue.

Thx Freind to take inerest in my prob. But do u think RAM can shutt off pc and then also turn on Automatically after 2 or 3 seconds and sometime i have to push power button repeatedly to on my pc due to RAM only Inline Code Example Here...

I know its a strange thing to ask but try Unplugging everything from your tower. Hold the power button in (ofcourse it ont come on because you have disconnected the power lead) hold it for about 30 seconds then plug everything back in. Try turning the computer on again does it still restart?

i would agree with aravind326 the RAM could cause the sudden and repeated restarts if it is corrupt or defective.

I see from your specs you have 4 RAM sticks in your machine, i would try to take out one at a time and try to restart, if it still does it put it back in and try with another out and so on.

I would also suggest trying to get into the BIOS to do a memory test, if you can get that far. if you are uncomfortable doing this see if you can find a friend or store that might do the tests for you.

Okay thank a lot bro, i will go to practicle lyk to push power button and also done memory test . but u please clarify 1 more thing that "is processor my okay?" i mean its not the processor fault.

could be the thermal paste is "loosening up" between the CPU and its cooling fan, causing a sudden rise in tempeature and thus making the computer restart, in my case it was this... I just had to buy the thermal paste again and apply it back between the CPU and cooling fan, of course after cleaning the previously applied paste and my computer is running smoothly now.

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