Hi Guys,
I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop running windows xp currently but it does not install Microsoft office packages for all versions. i tried changing the os to Windows 7 though still it could not install office... can anyone help out there?...

What microsoft office version you want to install. 2011 or older version. Have all your drivers been updated and is your computer copatible with the microsoft office

Hi There Trouble2heaven,

When it comes to Office 2007 & above, if you don't have XP SP3 on your machine, you will not be able to install them.
What errors are you getting when you try to install Office (And what versions have you tried).

Windows 7 should have no issues with any version of Office, but it could be a registry issue, Did you upgrade from XP to 7 on the machine or just install 7 as a second OS??


may your windows aren't original version and that's why u r facing that types of problem .


Are you tryig to install microsoft from a disc or is it already preloaded and it is a starter version and you want to upgrade to the full version. Which one do you want?

same prob, not sure why i think os is broken in some way