My pc relevant components
motherboard asus z170-k
processor intel i76700K
32 GB RAM Kingston DDR4 2133 MHz

I think the motherboard only accepts 2.
Can I add and share more with a graphic card ?

This is use the two connections in the motherboard and two more for anyplace.

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According to Overclockers the motherboard supports up to 3 displays:

  • Multi-VGA output support: HDMI/DVI-D/RGB port
  • Supports HDMI with max. resolution 4096 x 2160@24Hz / 2560 x 1600@60Hz
  • Supports DVI-D with max. resolution of 1920 x 1200 @60Hz
  • Supports RGB with max. resolution 1920 x 1200@60Hz

Here's a fairly good article on what you need and how to set up multiple monitors.

I'll comment about USB 3.0 video. I bought one of those 16 inch USB powered displays and it was OK. Just that, OK. Nothing really to complain about but nothing to get excited either. It's not like it's too slow or fast either. Gamers and those folk that want high speed trading setups won't like them.

Hope that helps.

Can't see how you can be unsure if Overclockers is referring to onboard graphics capabilities when the information I have quoted comes from a section titled onboard graphics...

commented: Onboard with this. +11