This might not be the right place to post this and if it is im sorry but I just have need help with my PC. I made my build last year with my student loan jump forward to yesterday I went out to the game and plugged in an old iphone for it to charge. I went to go on computer today and nothing. I look to the phone to see this []
The cable has burnt out while I was out. the phone still works but my computer is dead. Anyone have any idea what could be the issue with it from a usb cable burning out like that? I tried the motherboard with a different PSU and nothing. Is the motherboard dead? could that have killed my GPU and CPU.? I tried jumping the power button but it didnt seem to work. it seems to me that the mobo is dead but I just want a second opinon thanks.
I sadly cant dedicate all my time right now to getting it fixed because im currently in university and swamped with deadline....funnily enough with my computing course.
Thanks for your help
P.S the USB socket was on the case

A few problems. The potato quality images show what looks like some cyan colored plastic so is that one of the billion cheap not Apple cables? Those are in the news.

The USB spec allows for shorts so for this to burn up, something's not right. Front ports are always a carpshoot. That is I find them to be iffy in many builds.

If the machine is dead, given the story, it's usually the motherboard. if you want to know more. It's a shame that low price sucks folk in and then this happens.

Im not sure, it was just and older phone no one uses anymore and it was the first cable I found to just test it out so it quite possibly be a cheap cable and yeah it is most likely the mobo, is there a chance the CPU and GPU could be damaged in such an incident?

You know the answer. And I've seen a power supply respond badly and wipe out everything in the PC.

Chances are it's just the mainboard.