With increasing threats than ever of worms and viruses on the Internet that target the Windows operating system in general, it becomes nothing but the need to protect the system against these risks, and so, likewise, the Windows 7 operating system needs to be protected against such threats , and here is a list five of the top windows anti-virus .

Windows 7 Avast

Is Avast one of the best anti - virus software , this software features are easy to use, and works on the back ability
The advantage is also anti - spyware, this software is available for free, it requires a manual update program to identify viruses whenever is not detected automatic updates sometimes.

AVG Anti-Virus

One of the Antivirus used in most countries of the world, and anti - virus software average has a user interface easy to use and navigate, and are provided with a lot of options for how to combat viruses, and other important of this program aspects include anti - spyware, e - mail, and the scanner resident shield.
Until it is provided to the user to have the ability to adjust the scanning speed, and thus control the amount of CPU resources that are used, one of the disadvantages of this program when you run antivirus another program may be too heavy for your computer.

Features automatic update, easy -to- use interface. Are also given users the ability to customize the behavior of anti - virus software during the survey, the level of protection, also contained a detailed report of the scanning and updates to the user.


This program is not free and costs about $ 60, and the program gives you 30 days for free, the program lacks some valuable features compared with other anti-virus and contemporary software does not include the use of anti - virus in safe mode.
On the bright side, it offers stunning speed in comparison with other anti - free antivirus programs, and also allows customers to send scans their computers for analysis in order to better protection, with an additional cost of
$ 20.

Norton Antivirus

This program is a good anti - virus but does not close the anti - virus performance average or Avast, the program includes an elegant user interface design, virus definition updates, a set of security and technical support tools for free users.

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Try ClamWin - open source and free. I use it on Windows, and the ClamAV version for my Linux systems.

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Try ClamWin - open source and free. I use it on Windows, and the ClamAV version for my Linux systems.

I would suggest taking a look at the AV-TEST results before making any decisions on AV suites. Also, none of these solutions will save you from the most virulent of threats; the user.

I tend to advise businesses, of any size, that without user awareness training they may as well save the security money and admit defeat.

Good security is a process.

That said, for consumer Windows users I currently veer towards a combination of Kaspersky (test results are rock solid) with Malwarebytes Premium adding a second layer of defence. That's before I start to bang on about ensuring good password security (KeePass is a good choice for secure local encrypted password storage) and to use the Two Factor Authenticaion (2FA - or more accurately in most cases 2FV - Two Factor Verification) option for every service that allows it. On the latter point I'd also recommend using a TOTP (Time-Limited One Time Passcode) generated by an authenticator app (Google Authenticator is free, fast and secure) rather than relying upon SMS which leaves itself open to some interesting man-in-the-middle and side-channel threats.

One more, SMADAV (From Indonesian) its the best antivirus in indonesia.

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