Ok i just built my first computer, great i know...i have an MSI K8N NEO4-F board w/ AMD Atholon 64 3500 venice core.. my problem is, when i start up the computer on the monitor it will show a screen that says hit TAB to switch POST or DEL to SETUP BIOS...now if i hit tab it shows all the hardware i've installed so it recognizes everything..then goes to a black screen... when i hit DEL at the first screen it goes to a black screen...Also i found out that if i hit DEL and turn off my monitor and back on again it will show a blue screen with a white line down the middle, and no writing..so basically no matter what button i hit i can't access my bios..it just goes blank...I want to install windows xp but can't boot start the program..any ideas? thanks--

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You sure this is a board issue? I had a similar problem once..on entering the BIOS, top 30% of the screen would be blank and the remining screen would be garbled. Got the board and processor changed, no joy. Turned out the monitor was crapping out on me. Check your monitor...

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