Firstly the machine in question is a Defcon(never heard of it either) ATX

It consists of:-
PSU model ATX-350
MOBO model L7VMM3 ver 1.0c
CPU model Pro3100A+ (soldered on athlon xp 2000+)
RAM model Spectek 256MB pc2700DDR (only the one)
CD R/RW drive model GCE8525B
Floppy Samsung model SFD-321B
HD Barracuda 80GB
Monitor Benq model FP557s
KB logitech model Y-ST39
Mouse Logitech
SW XP Home Edition

Switch machine ON, CPU fan works and LEDs on front panel light up, but nothing else happens. No bios beep or beeps, no indication or noise that either the floppy (when disc inserted) or HD are working, no video output or LEDs on keyboard. But CD drive's LED does come on and tray powers in and out.

Having read this forum and others, I have tried resetting the CMOS, reseating what few cables and equipment there are and then disconnecting all peripherals and starting the machine, the reuslts are always the same as above.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I've sorted it!

what was the problem?

The cable to the internal speaker was damaged, once repaired the bios was giving my three beeps, bad memory, replaced memory pc now ok.

Thanks for the interest

CPU might be burned.

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