hi everyone just signed up.:cheesy:

i have a amd athlon 64 processor
2.00 ghz
1.00 gb of ram

i want to buy a graphic card for around 150. I only have a agp slot so dont know what card to go for or whether to upgrade to pci express. ive studied the net:eek: and still dont know what to do. Please can some one give me an idea of a agp card or upgrade.

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But I Could Get A New Mobo For Cheap Tho I Would Hate To Because I Like My Comp But Hate To Think I Would Get A Agp And It Would Not Handle Games In Like A Year When I Could Get A Motherboard For Like 60quid Or So I Think Would Like To Get A Really Good 2nd Hand Agp Tho For Cheap I Also Read That Pci Could Be Outdated But Who Knows Apart From Bill Gates He Will Bring It Out When Profits From Pci Have Been And Gone Pfffff Sick Of This I Should Have A Pci Slot Dam U Anthlon 64 Shitty Comp


If you spent 300 to 400 on a video card, it would still would not give you the guarantee your looking for. Just look at running the games that are here now, forget about 12 months from now.

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