I'm looking for a MicroATX format Socket 478 motherboard that has onboard PATA RAID. This is for a middle-end gaming/entertainment rig. I can't find it! SATA RAID is everywhere, and the closest I can come is a PCI RAID card. With limited PCI expansions, I'd rather keep it on the mobo. My questions are:

1. Does onboard PATA RAID exist for mATX?

2. If I have to go with a PCI card instead, are the cheapo RAID PCI cards worth using (WD-8212, Siba SIL0680, Sabrent SBT-RDIT, Creative I/O SiI06080A) or would it be worth it to get a high-dollar card (Adaptec ATA RAID 1200A, HighPoint RocketRAID 133, Escalade 7506, FastTrak SX4060)?

3. Is it too much to ask for integrated Firewire as well? I can't find that either.

Many thanks for the help.