Hello. I recently installed my current motherboard to a new case, but i have no sound in my speakers all of a sudden. Everything else seems to be in working order. The speaker is plugged in the back, i checked my drivers, checked the system volume contol. Im absoloutely stumped. Any help is appreciated.

Oh and if i had damaged the sound in my MB during installation to the new case, will getting a new sound card or something get me my sound back?

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Is the problem occuring when you try to play audio or video discs in your CD/DVD drive?
If so check that you have connected the 'internal audio cable' from your drive to your mobo (im assuming you have onboard audio). You need to route the audio signal from the drive to your mobo's audio soulution!

Its unlikely that you damaged your onboard sound during installation if you were careful and methodical


Well i dont get sound at all. No sound from my cd drives or anything. Also, none of my CD/dvd drives have any audio cables, but they still worked with sound from before when everything was still in my old case.


Ok, its got to be a configuration problem then..... If you havn't tried this as yet (for windows XP) navigate start>control panel>sounds and audio devices, click the audio tab and check to see that your mobo's onboard audio is listed in the dropdown box as the default sound playback device. If its not, click 'advanced settings, then the 'performance' tab, then 'restore default settings'..... double check your volume settings while your there.

Hope this helps!

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