I have an HP Laptop. Here recently it has been shutting off by itself. no warning. I ran it in safe mode and did a full system scan. Got rid of one severe virus and then for a couple days it was fine. But now its shutting off on its own again. At first it'd take a while but now almost right after I log on, it turns off. It does run in safe moded though which is how I am using it right now. Ran another scan, nothing. It is always plugged into the power sorce.

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hi and welcome to daniweb,not sure how old the laptop is but they do build up with dust on the inside and need a good cleaning ,if its older and never been cleaned .it will need to be taken apart to get it really clean

Could be that it's overheating, and if it is, you could (like caperjack said) try to clean the dust inside. You could also buy a laptop cooling platform (with vents in it) or put something underneath the back side of your laptop so that it is tilted a bit, so that the heat can flow out of your laptop more easily.

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