Firstly, please bear with me as I'm no techie! This is my sons PC and he needs it up and running for school. For no apparant reason it has frozen both on the mouse & keyboard. If I restart via the hard-drive button it opens up and when it gets to the screen to pick the user (Windows XP Home SP2) It is here that the mouse and keyboard are unable to work, I cannot even press windows on the keyboard to bring up the start menu, so I'm in a bit of a pickle! I have checked the cables etc and all seems fine. I asked my son an he reckons it just froze when his mate was surfing the net!......

Can anyone help at alll.....pleeeaase.

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Is this a laptop or desktop system? If it is a desktop system, are you using a PS2 keyboard and mouse or USB devices? PS2 connectors are round while USB are rectangular. Try using the opposite connector from what you are using now. If it is a laptop, try connecting an external USB keyboard or mouse and see if that works. When the system first starts, can you enter the BIOS setup by pressing the appropriate keyboard key (Del, F1, F2, F9, or F10 depending on the computer manufacturer)? If this works either the problem is in the BIOS settings or the Windows drivers. If you currently use a USB keyboard / mouse and connecting a PS2 keyboard / mouse works, then check to see if the USB hub is disabled in the BIOS or in Windows.

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