My mouse whell stop working in the sense that if you roll it up and down it wont do anything but if you click it in so the circle with the arrows appears it works like that. Also sometimes the mouse wheel will randomly work for a while and then stop but only for a matter of seconds. Any Idea whats wrong?

PS-Its a Logitech laser mouse

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Hmm, is it wireless?

If so, I would try moving the transmitter closer, etc.

If its not, youre mouse might be broken.


I think that it is more likely the Logitech SetPoint or MouseWare software that is at fault than the mouse wheel itself.

Have you tried updating it and getting the latest drivers?

There is also a KB article on logitech's site.


No it's not wireless.

Thanks I'll look into that, but if that doesn't work I'll just have to get a new mouse.

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