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My computer will sometimes get a "stop error" during boot-up right before the Windows password prompt (when it switches to graphic's mode) and then it will re-boot all over again. Usually it will boot fine the second time around. I don't get a blue screen or anything, it simply re-boots right before the Windows password prompt.

I submitted the error report to Microsoft's automated diagnostic web site and it said the problem is the display driver.

My video card is the ATI All In Wonder 9700 Pro and I have tried both the latest release of the display driver as well as several older releases, but the problem still persists.

Could anybody please give me some clues as to what could be causing this? The only thing I know to do is to replace the video card and see if that helps. I am running Windows XP service pack 2.

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Use 9.8 MMC ( slighly older mutlimedia center) with catalyst 6.5 drivers see if that works for you. Make sure to install the WDM package.

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