Hi I'm new here to the forms and I really need some help. I have a Sony pcg fx140 (pcg-954a) I purchased. I knew it didn't work, but I have work on and fixed several different Sony laptops so i thought i could fix this one, boy was i wrong. Well here are some things about the laptop. The laptop has a broken LCD no problem thou I'll hook up an external monitor. The keyboard is missing, and there is no place for a external keyboard. The hard drive cable is missing so no hard drive is installed. There are alot of screws missing so I don't know if the motherboard is properly grounded or not. It looks like the corner where the power supply plugs in was dremeled off to replace the ac jack, and i plugged in the power supply and it has a good tight fit. I have tired a good charged battery and nothing still happened. with the battery plugged in and power supply plugged in none of the LEDs light up. So please help me any help would really be appreciated. Thanks

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well now i have the whole thing stripped so is there a way i can see if the motherboard is good

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