I'm thinking of upgrading my gaming comp without spending to much. I thought changing the motherboard, cpu, and videocard and keeping the rest may work. Instead of dropping 3 to 4k on a blazing fast new setup. Drop maybe 1k into this one and be able to handle most of the new games on the market. I have... athon 64 FX 51
lian-li ultra quiet case
enermax eg465p-ve
asus sk8v 940pin mb
nvidia fx 5950 video
cl audigy 26.1
sasung 120gb 7200rpm
corsair cmx512re-3200ll

So maybe a "amd 64x2 dual core with mb...nvidia sli video card" put those in. Use the 2 corsair cmx512re-3200ll on my current mb, maybe bump it up a another gig. Maybe add one of those "raptor 74 gb 10,000 rpm drives' maybe not. Maybe I,m barking up the wrong tree. Anyone with some advice, I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks

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I've just done similer, in fact I've had the same case and few other parts for about 5 years. One tip is look at the Arock 775Duel-VSTA motherboard. It's about the best upgrade option for the tight budget as it allows you to keep older items and later upgrade to things like DDR11, it also has PCI express which you will need.

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