This is an ancient laptop, a Toshiba Satellite 2140CDS running Win98SE. The owner sent it out for repair and was coerced into buying a new battery (I think), but there's a motherboard problem and the battery won't charge... but that's not the issue.

The issue is that the builtin LCD comes up in inverse video. Bet you didn't know that the MSIE icon was orange... An external monitor connected to the VGA connector comes up in the correct colors.

The obvious suspect, an inverse video switch in the driver settings, is not apparent. Much as I hate to, I am now suspecting that the previous repair shop did not in fact get the ribbon cable connected properly, but I'm reluctant to crack the case on this old thing for what will turn out to be cookies & milk. (The client is a poor old lady.)

I'm just wondering if anyone else has any ideas of things to try before I crack the case on this thing...


It sounds like a bad or loose cable. If thats not it you are looking at the LCD. This is all based on if the LCD does this from startup. Both items are tough to find. Let me know if you cant find anywhere and I can probably help you out.

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