"the device is not ready"

Any Ideas Appreciated Unstalling and reinstalling in System Devices didnt

You must recieve CD for this device and should install it or search for the driver in this site Driverguide
or check your bois setup .. okay :D

If the system sees the drive, then it's not the device driver. I'm sure you've tried different CDs and gotten the same results, right? Could be just a simple, straightforward case of a bad drive. What kind of a system and what kinda drive? I'm always collecting stuff on what goes bad in what...


Thanks for message, if it is the drive would floppy boot disk help. I have advent computer where the recover disc does not work. any idea where i can copy xp boot disks for floppy. I have xp home. i use a laptop to try to get some help to get my advent computer working

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