Hi there

Can anyone assist me please, Every time I plug a device into my USB port i get a message that there has been a power surge and windows has shut the divice down. some times I can get into my mass storage device but then suddenly windows decides to switch it off.
It says that the device has used more than its aloted power.

Desperate, please help!!!!!


What brand and model of computer? Is this with all USB devices? This is a rare error, but can occur when one USB device is defective. But if it happens on all, then your USB board in the computer is defective, or your power supply is. You may need a technician who has a good multimeter and knows how to use it... to test where the power draw might be.

Have you considered buying a USB card for four or eight slots and plugging it into a PCI slot, no longer using your OEM USB?
They run $20 to $30. Also, depending on brand, you can replace the existing OEM unit.

Check all your cables thoroughly to be certain the are properly seated. With the computer off, unplug and reinsert every cable. Look for any signs of shorting out... colored streaks or burned markings.

Your problem is highly unusual. Our shop sees non average nine computers a day. In 11 years, I have never seen what you report.