Hey guys im about to throw the laptop out teh window so your its last hope lol

ive got a acer 2300 travel mate, the problem is when i boot up the fanstarts but after 1 minute the fan turns off and the cpu hit 50 degrees madness i know. Is tehre anything i can do as im about to go on course and i need the laptop.


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It may not be the fan, but that is the first place to look. They are cheap, and relatively easy to replace. You need one anyway. If you have a dog or a cat, it may just be filled up with dust and hair.
Often, though, it is a failed component, such as a hard drive that is not detected, a video graphics unit, memory module, or motherboard.
The parts are not easy to get in these off-breed laptops. so if you need it quickly, your best choice is to take it to a skilled, certified laptop repair person, buy the part online and install it yourself, or better yet, buy an IBM Thinkpad, Dell Latitude, or HP laptop that is less likely to fail... and for which there is service and support.

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