Im new to the forum, so please go easy on me - i got a computer off my brother some time ago i dont know much about the spec its Windows XP. The problem is the USB ports - when i put a USB memory stick or MMC card reader it doesnt come up in "My computer" under devices with removable storage, although on the taskbar the icon for removable stage comes up so you can remove it safely.. Has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance! :confused:

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Try going to device manager and see if the usb mass storage device shows up under there. Go to My Computer, view system information under system tasks (in xp), and device manager is under hardware tab. Something like "mass storage device" should show up under universal serial bus controllers. If it does make sure its also inabled, double click on it in device manager, or under properties when right click add-or-remove hardware in taskbar icon area. Maybe the wire connecting the mobo to the front might be loose? Try using the ones in the back of the computer, those are usually more reliable....

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