I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to upgrading computers but I have confidence in my ability. My computer had 512mb RAM and wanted to upgrade. First, heres some basic info on my computer.
p4-2.53mhz cpu
Asus P4S8X MB
SIS 648 chipset
Now, everything I've read says my configuration will support up to 3gb low density pc2700 DDR RAM. So I come across a good deal on 2x1gb pc2700 DDR RAM thats low density and snatch it up.
Installed the RAM and computer says one time "cpu is overclocked" then continually repeats "computer has a memory problem".
Every 2nd time I try to boot it up it brings me to the BIOS but I'm not knowledgable in what to change. One idea I have is this computer is a few years old and might need to update the bios somehow?
I put the old 512 chip back in and thats how I made it back here :mrgreen:
I'd greatly appreciate any help!

do a google for "Crucial Memory" or "Crucial RAM"

They have a UK site and most likely have one for whatever country you are in (you really should fill in your profile info and that makes it easier for people to know these things when replying)

You use the wizard on thier website and tell it your Make and Model of PC - e.g for me, DELL -> Dimesnion -> 5150

and it tells you how many slots you have, whether it needs to be installed in pairs, and how much maximum you can have. You can also buy the memory from them too and if you used the wizard and the memory doesnt work theyll give you a refund

Few details are missing here:
- brand/model of new RAM (and old)
- is it combination of old and new that isn't working, or new only?

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