I just installed a new hard drive on my G4. Now the computer will not recognize my new monitor. When I boot the computer the green light comes on the monitor but then it goes into sleep mode. How can I fix this.


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Could be a few things:

- Do you get a display if you remove the newly-installed drive?

- Did you make sure that you didn't jostle/loosen any component or cables while you were installing the drive? Recheck you cable connections, make sure all of your cards/RAM sticks are firmly seated, etc.

- You say that both the drive and the monitor are new; have you tried the monitor on another system to ensure that the monitor is functioning?

- Do you get any error beeps when the system boots? If so, how many?



I would also ask:

1) What OS? 9? X?

2) Is this a new hard drive to replace the first one, or is this a second drive (meaning younow have two in the computer)?

3) Can you boot from a CD-ROM? Does the computer recognize the drive when you do?

My guess is that the hard drive is not formatted / partitioned, or you have a problem with the IDE bus (power / data cable).


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