when i run chkdsk, it comes up saying more than one unrecoverable error, and wont do a chkdsk, does this mean my computers screwed? it crashes all the time and comes up with the blue screen, its a Dell Inspirion 1100 so its at least 4 years old,

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When exactly does it blue screen?Is it at a set point or random?

I'd guess you have a HD failure but let's try a few things 1st-

Reset the BIOS to factory settings.

Does it boot into safe mode?

Try booting to the Dell diagnostics partition(F12 and boot to utility partition) If you don't have a utility partition you should have a diagnostic cd you can boot from.Run a full diagnostic check,it will take quite a long time(1-3 hours) but it's best to rule everything out.

If the diagnostics show up no errors try booting to the windows disk-,pick install windows and then repair current installation. This will keep all your files and try to reinstall the system files.

If you cannot see you're installation of windows to repair then go back to dell diagnostics and run just the HD test this time,run it 5 or 6 times to be sure.

If at any stage you get the blue screen again please post the error message that goes
"blah blah blah 0x0000000(78900000g x 45687166846 x 0x0000001 x 5498866056489)" or something similar.It's usually at the top of the blue screen

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