ive recently upgraded my system........amd athlon64 3500+ am2 socket (i know, its not much, but i couldnt afford c2d or 4200x2 at this time), BFG 7600GT, corsair value select 1 x 512mb pc2 5300(667mhz), 80 gb sata, 380 watts coolermaster psu.............and a cheap asus m2v tvm mobo(supports dual channel).

question is: should i buy another 512 stick of the same corsair value select.........or upgrade to 2 x 512 xms2 pc2 5400(675mhz) matched pair (dual channel kit).....keeping in view the cheap mobo; would i get noticable performance gains in games and graphic utilities with 2x512 xms2 as compared to corsair value select 2 x 512?

please note: changing mobo at this point in time is not an option.

help appreciated,
kind regards

Adding another 512 of matching RAM will make a big difference in your performance, especially if you're a gamer. The xms2 is great RAM, for the price it should be. I personally don't see the point in buying a kit for dual channel RAM when you can accomplish the same thing by purchasing two of the same modules.

If you're limited on resources as you have indicated I would go with the second 512 module. If money isn't an issue...go for the xms2 by all means.

btw, there's nothing shabby about that motherboard.


thanks for the post! i think ill go for the xms2 then. i thought that the mobo is shabby coz not many good reviews about it and generally all in one sort of mobos arent that effctive in channelizing the right amount of power to the right components.........IMO