Well I figured it was time to defreg the three of my drives today, my primary is a SATA 40GB, Sata 320GB, master DVD Burner/IDE, and slave 160GB IDE HDD, both SATA's were done defreging before I fell a sleep except for the IDE 160GB which still had 60% left.

Now the problem is the power went out while the last and only IDE drive was defragin, when I woke up and booted up my primary 40GB wit XP on it booted fine and did the 320GB, the IDE 160GB though was not recognized at all in XP or in BIOS same for the IDE DVD burner I have never experienced this before what can it be? Did something get corrupted erased when the power went out?

I have tried resetting the BIOS new BIOS battery, and Wester Digital floppy diagnostic tool and it still wont recognize my dvd drive nor my 160GB IDE HDD.

If anyone can be a of help please let me know I dont wanna lose all my media just because of a couple setting/downloads I need to change.

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The power went out? You can have all sorts of damage from that... as you don't know whether there were surges or brownouts or destructive low or fluctuating power.
See if you can access the drive as a slave or a second drive to save the data, but this will not likely work since it is not detected now.
You will be lucky to rescue it, methinks.
I would try some advanced tech software such as Spinrite, a very good set of programs which has been out for about 12 years. You can find it with a Goolge search, but it is about $89. There are others you can find. Try the download departments at Cnet, PCWorld, TuCows, Major Geeks, and others. There are several good utilities out there that can help. But they will range from $30 to $100.

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