HI ,
I have a KDS flat screen monitor and a Dell 4600 and lately I ve been having a weird problem on startup...
It started with having some lines across the screen but this last time, after the computer was shut off for a week ( holidays ) , on start up, the monitor was covered with vertical and horizontal lines.. It looked like a piece of woven fabric... After a few minutes, some of the vertical lines started to disappear, then the horizontal lines started to disappear from the top down... Then screen was completely black .. and after a minute or so, I could see a faint display of light from both bottom corners... ( Like someone shining a flashlight ) ... then , slowly , I could start to read some writing at the top of the screen ( I had forgotten and left a floppy in the PC on startup and it was the " hit any key " error message... It was like the lettering slowly started to fill in ) .... Once the message came in clear ,I removed the floppy , pushed a key and the monitor came on just like normal....and is working perfectly ...
This weird line thing ( Not as many lines as this time and not taking as long to resolve itself in the past ) has happened in the past a few times but only when the computer is completely shut down... If i just reboot, it doesnt happen...
Any ideas?

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The KDS monitors are among those with the earliest failures... even among fairly new ones. Their offer these symptoms you describe when they begin to fail.
It could be your video card or video graphics system, but try a borrowed monitor first before you spend money elsewhere.
Fortunately, CRT monitors are very very cheap. YOu can buy excellent used ones for $5.00 to $25 where we live. Try any repair center or second hand store. A used Trinitron is better than a new anything else.
Avoid any used Korean monitor.

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