Hi all,

a friend of mine has a computer tht she recently bought, pretty much everytime she uses it, after a while (no specific time period) it will either crash then reboot, or just randomly reboot.
the fact that it is crashing makes me think of the Ram...

the Fact that it is rebooting makes me think of the PSU, what do you think it is more likely to be? could it be something else like the motherboard perhaps. :-|

my thoughts are that there is a lack of power, or possibly it is overheating?

what tests should i conduct to get to the bottom of this?



my pc does that when it overheats or draws too much power (theese usually follow one after the other in my case as the deevice thats taking up all the juice is the graphics card)

remove all expansion cards and optical drives and then leave it on for like a day or so and see if it is fine then gradually repeat this process, adfding 1 more device each time until you know how much it can take

have you recently upgrades the os maybe?
some older pcs dont like newer oses so you need to flash the BIOS