my problem started the other night for no reason at all,my screen just went off then came back on as if it was a power cut but when i checked the unit was still running as if nothing had happend then when i tried to connect to the internet it just went totally blank, my screen said "no signal" but again the base unit was working fine just no picture,i formatted my harddrive to see if this would solve the problem but its the same, it starts up fine then if i try to open a program the screen will go off for about 3 secs then back on for about 10 secs and so on but it will not connect to the internet at all, as soon as i open my AOL program it will go off and on and then totally freeze(sometimes with the screen on sometimes totally blank) but always with the power working fine.
i'm using a dell computer windows xp home
160 harddrive
3.6 intel pentium proc
nvidia geforce fx 5200
thanks any help would be great

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ya i'm having the same problem too.. wondering if it's the monitor prob or CPU problem? N after blanking out, my fonts will go all blurry, and some font will be missing. Some kind soul pls help thanks!

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