Power to computer turns off after 5 sec. to 2 min. Fans seem to be working fine and have been cleaned.

Power Supply box or hard drive problem????

Any guesses.

Sshoun :rolleyes:

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Go to screen saver then power and see af hibernate and turn monior off and such is on.

if not that you may try taking out the heat sink and cpu clean off the old thermal compound and put new on it.

also use this to test your memory.


It usually shuts down while it is boot up so I don't even have the chance to get to the main screen. If it gets to my window screen, it shuts down before I have a chance to log on.



i have the same problem with my computer....
- 450 watt power supply that came with my Xion II case
- 2x Serial ATA Hard Drives
- NVidea GeForce 6600 GT
- Floppy Drive A:
- 2x EIDE Pioneer DVD/CD Burner Combo Drives
- Asus K8V X motherboard
w/ AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700+ 2.40 GHz
- 32 bit OS

I had one here in the shop that did the same thing.the power supply was bad so i took one of my known good ones off the shelf and hooked to it did the same thing.come to find out it was the memory causing it.

how can memory do that?

how can memory do that?

It depends, I had an issue like this where my memory was slightly out and had dust in the slot - and it could be an overheating problem -- try getting a hold of another stick of ram and test it out
Good luck!!

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