Can i just say thankyou in advance for any help anyone can offer me on problems i am experiencing.

I recently bought a 74gb raptor drive 10000 rpm sata, i use an abit is7-g mb and with just the sata hdd connected everything is fine i installed the driver via f6 when loaded xp and is ok, problem comes with trying to use ide cd and dvd drives and also using a ide hdd for storage.
with the storage when i connect the ide drive which is a maxtor 150gb the computer tries to reboot from this drive rather than the sata drive, and have tried various changes in bios but none have worked.:-|
with regards to the cd and dvd drives which are both plextor models windows recognizes them but when i insert disks desktop freezes untill i take disks out, have uninstalled in device manager and reboot so windows installs them but problem still there. problem i think is with the sata drive as when running ide as master hdd all works fine including cd,dvd.
thank in advance

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no only tried one drive at a time with xp and both work fine on there own, ide works fine as master and sata as storage but i wanted sata as main drive and ide as storage, in bios settings sata is the onboard setting and have out it to auto, have tried combined etc before, when using sata drive with xp on it the cd and dvd is shown when i go to my computer but when pput a disk in desktop just freezes.

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