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I am going to build another computer for myself this time and was just curious about other people's opinions on the best board for under $200. I am not a gamer and may or may not overclock. I do video editing and will have an e-sata backup so would possibly like the e-sata port. Not a must though. I would like to have a firewire port and many sata hookups. Also at least 2-3 usb connectors on the board. I want a great quality board. Thanks.
If you don't want to reply because there are other topics on this then don't reply. Thanks again.

I know this seems silly but what do you like best, apples or oranges?
Actually it doesn't usually matter what make you buy but what you put on it that matters. You can get a decent board for < $100.
For graphics use I would suggest 1G+ RAM, video card w/256m+, and a CPU (such as) Intel 3.2.
to build the system yourself be sure that the board, RAM, and the CPU are compatable. the drive config. is usually up to the end user.
most of the hookups that you mention are part of the system board itself.