I have recently obtained a CPU from an institution which previously was on a network with heavy securities etc.

I am now trying to set this computer up at home for use. But as i plug the computer in firstly, i have no video output and secondly, the CPU starts to beep constantly with making no further progress.

Help! How can i fix this? Or is it even possible to be fixed?

Thank you.


First does this computer have only integrated video (monitor) plug in?

if there is another plug in try it.

make sure the power is on on the monitor.

if there is a video adaptor card make sure it is seated good and check other adaptor cards and plug ins.

Make sure your memory (RAM) is seated good.

Also check the Brightness and contrast on the monitor.

Can you get into Bios?

if so check the video configuration if the computer has a Video adaptor card is it plugged into a white slot or a short brown slot.

if it is in a white slot set the video in Bios to PCI if brown AGP.

post results or any other questions.

Thanks for the reply. I got it to work - I had no RAM seated in.
But now it seems to work fine.
Though I still dont understand why RAM is required for the video card to work? I mean i understand if it attempts to boot and then freezes. The video card doesnt output anything without the RAM fullstop.


RAM is required for the computer to work


Thanks for your reply to my question if RAM is required to get Vedio display on monitor. By installing 256MB RAM my computer started working but its very very slow and half the speed than before with the same RAM.

The present operating system in it is Windows XP. Does the speed increase if I install Windows 98 instead of Windows XP? Or what do I do to improve the speed of my computer?

Please suggest.


more RAM
a lighter OS
more hdd space
faster processor and MB