I like to run my games at the right settings. I usually run my games at 1024x768 and all the settings are at its highest. I got a new computer and the card i had in the old one was agp. My new computer has 2 pci express slots. This computer has an onboard Nvidia Geforce 6100 256mb video card. the problem is my games can only run at the lowest settings and 640x280 or whatever the lowest is, and even then it doesnt run right.

help would be nice. :cheesy:

thats because your 256mb video card isnt actually a 256mb card as its onboard - what it actually is is a card ranging from 8-64 meg and it takes the rest from your system RAM. Why dont you just buy a new PCI-X graphics card? I got one that runs battlefield 2 at medium and 1024x768 for less than £40

thanks. and for me it would be american money.

go here: http://www.crucial.com/
and chose pci-express graphics cards from the left hand menu

i got mine off here (the link i have sent you is for the US version)

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