Hi, I have a Dell dimension 3000 from 2005. I bought a 200gb maxtor ultra series drive to complement my 80gb samsung one. I have the maxtor set up as the slave drive and I have the jumpers in the right positions, but when I watch movies off my maxtor drive they skip every three or four seconds. Can anyone help me?

here are the specs:

Maxtor Ultra Series


8mb Cache

Ultra Ata/133


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Well I got it to work fast now. I just took out the main drive I had and put the maxtor in as that instead of the slave drive. I am pretty sure it was set up right in the bios. Thanks for the help


it probably still applies, CD drives early on would not work as slave on a primary channel so that they had to be put alone on the secondary. Maxtor is a drive that is frequently known to have issues when you mix OEM (regardless of how well setup). The hdwr. config may still work IF you keep the Max. as Master, if not give Maxtor an email blip, won't hurt to try.

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