Is it worth it to buy a CPU or should I just buy a new computer

well u do know that only certian cpus, ram and motherbopard combos work together right?

that means you are fairly limited.

I recently got a barebones PC from here. PSU, case, AMD dual corer CPU, gig of ram and SLI motherboard for under £50 ($700?) - all assembled. I just have to add my own drives etc...

Maybe theres something like this in canada?

LOL ok then.....When I was thinking about what you said about the cpu speed being to slow to run xp...I figured I could just buy a new cpu..GUESS NOT........umm conserning the barebones kit.......could I buy a kit and just put in the current hardrive that Im using and be able to boot directly off of that???

We do have a barebones kit sightin Canada its called It works unlce buys alot of stuff from there

Sorry im writing in qucik reply and I keep on thinking of things after I post them.....umm how can i figure out what cpus are compatible to my motherboard???

are you talking about your ancient celeron?

nothing basically, maybe a pentium II but dont count on it. Youd be better getting a new PC.

What i did was buy that brebones kit and then use all the existing buts from my dell. Here is an idea of what you can get at the lowe r end (semperon, 512mb) - this is only £130 for a barebones ($250 ish) and should be more suiable for your mum

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