Hi I have two pc's with AMD Athlon 64 3000+. The problems I've been experiencing have been happening ever since installing IE7, or another factor im not sure of. The pc's starting freezing, restarting by themselves and dumping physical memory. Eventually the pc's couldnt even boot up anymore. It would say just before loading windows xp, registry file missing in System32. To cut a long story short, all the repairs and everything I done, nothing worked so I formated my HDD's completely so it was like they were brand new. I re-installed windows xp and guess what, the same problems are still there. But now when I turn on my pc, where it tells u how much RAM and stuff you have, it says "Check System Health !". It sometimes says underneath that "CPUID:0FC0 Patch ID:003A". I don't know what to do, it must be a hardware or BIOS problem. I've even opened the PC's up and cleaned the dust out because I thought it may be over heating. I have no idea. Sorry for the long thread but I am clueless and outa options. Anyone no what to do?
Thanks a real lot in advanced.

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I did a short look for information regarding this and didn't find anything definitive. What does seem to be a common thread though is the BIOS, you might try clearing the CMOS. It has also been suggested that an update of the BIOS may help.

With all the problems that I've read about IE7 I wouldn't be surprised that it is involved. You might try uninstalling it and going back to IE6, or better yet try Firefox.

To uninstall Internet Explorer 7 to return to Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP

1. Click "Start," and then click "Control Panel."
2. Click "Add or Remove Programs."
3. Check "Show Updates" at the top of the dialog box.
4. Scroll down the list and highlight the version of Internet Explorer 7 that you are running, and then click "Change/Remove." (If you are running Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview — March 20 or later, it is not necessary to check "Show Updates.")
5. Select the appropriate version of Internet Explorer 7 for your operating system.

Thanks but the things is, the weird thing is, I formatted both pc's and started from scratch, I lost all my files because both pc's wouldnt boot, so i basically have a new system, but the problems still insist. Ive been looking around to but I cant find anything.

Also another problem is when I run games, in high graphics especially, they eventually crash to the desktop. Im thinking it might be overheating some how? I dont know

How did you format the Hard drives?

Also go to the motherboard manufacture site and see if there is a bios update.

I formatted them using the windows installation disk, it was a complete wipe.

see who makes the HDD's then go to there site and get there util and do a zero write.

Also do as DCC says and I and update your Bios if you aren't sure where to get it look and see who makes the motherboard or if there is a model #.also when you boot write down the bios version or you can get this in the bios set up.

Microsoft error report said that my RAM is the problem, so I made a boot disk with software on it that runs tests to see what is wrong with your RAM. It keeps locking up whilst running the test. Im not even in Windows. It must be a hardware problem. What do you guys think?

well one of 2 things then is taking place if you have 2 sticks of RAM one could be failing or your CPU could be failing.

Yeah I have 2 512 mb sticks of RAM. I still don't get how the computers can stuff up about the same time. I mean I play games on one and the other doesnt really do much. But they still both at the same time went down.

Are these pretty new computers or older.

AMD does run hot is the heatsinks clean and fans and are they rated for the CPU?

Both doing the same is pretty wierd.

if you have overheated the CPU beyond a certian level you may have fried it :(

i managed to fry a CPU by continually putting it under so much starin that the system powered off

Hey thanks guys I found the problem. I fried my RAM sticks. Also on one of the pc's the second slot for RAM is kuput so I was only running the pc on a fried 512mb stick. I've updated my BIOS on one pc and it is the pc i am usin to write this so it is working better then b4 (I changed my RAM to a 1 gb stick). The other pc still freezes sometimes but thats because I am using the old RAM sticks in it so I can test which one is fried. All in all thanks for your help.
ps: make sure you have the right RAM for your motherboard :)

I also have a theory about MS IE7. Because XP is one of the more stable OS made by MS, people have no need to upgrade to Vista. So how do you get people to upgrade? There old OS must be faulty. So you create a virus. This virus is a CRITICAL UPDATE so people unwillingly downloaded it, it was known as IE7. (I know a lot of people whos pc's went down after installing it).
Vista requires 2gb of RAM, not many people have that, so they are reluctant to spend more money upgrading their pc as well as the OS so MS have made IE7 attack your RAM as well. While you are getting new RAM you mas as well get 2gig and upgrade to Vista!.
This is one of MS's cunning ideas to market Vista.

i agree.
Ive downgraded to windows 2000 - best os ever

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