Ok... so. I'm just putting this out there, that if you know how to do something with your computer... but your parents don't trust you... just f'in do it behind thier back.... Here is the story.

So I go to school online, and the program through which I use my school isn't Vista ready. Now the stupid peeople there... could have just beta tested Vista.... but they apparently are not to bright, and didn't do that. So we gave them a month to try to make a patch, and they failed to do so, and they told us we had to get a new pc.

So, I just decided to get a new hard drive, and put XP on it, and bam... I'm set. Well my parents wanted a professional to do it, so while I was out with friends, they took my computer into a shop and had him do it. Listen to this...

So he puts in the new HDD, and then installs XP on the new HDD.... and he LEFT the HDD with Vista plugged in :eek:. . So then that messed up the boot ini, and leaves my Vista drive "unallocated". He has a program on another machine that retrieves lost data... even on FORMATTED HDD's. Well he couldn't get back any of my information. I mean, I have a LOT of stuff on that computer, including over three months of schooling that costs about 300 bucks a month that I will have to redo if I cannot get it back. My 100+ episodes of anime, 4000 songs, game videos, game saves, games. On top of that there are patches for all my programs for Vista, and just... I could go on all day.

Does ANYONE know of a way to retrieve data on an "allalocated" drive.

Also, it will not let me "repair" Vista when I go to do so with the OS disk. It just gives me a bunch of gay ass errors.

I would think there would have to be a way to retrieve the information.... So before I try and do anything I'm askin' all over.

Thanks for the help.

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there is spinrite, which is a reconvery tools for failed hard disks. you can get it at grc.com

there's also plenty of free recovery utilities out there.

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